Supafly Night Party Presented by Supafly Promotions and Omahas Hottest Dj, Dj Supafly



What we provide



True big concert/nighclub sound


Dance floor


The Best Djs!


Fog machines


Bubble machines


Music and Video (with video screens)


Laser Light Show


Friendly Personnel


Controlled and Safe environment for all attendees





Supafly Night Party operates and enforces its rules much like a school would operate its own dances. Supafly Night Party does not allow or tolerate the following: loitering in the parking lot, fighting, drinking (alcohol), smoking, drugs, weapons, bandanas, or knit caps (sometimes gang apparel).  Our biggest rule of conduct is that everyone who does attend Supafly Night Party has an enjoyable and safe experience.




Supafly Night Party has set up unique security measures to enforce all rules of conduct.  We have a secure team that includes off duty police officers to ensure the safety of all attendees.  We welcome any parent/teacher to come out any dance night to observe how we operate.



Supafly Rules of Conduct


  • Have Fun!
  • No Drugs
  • No Alcohol
  • No Outside Food or Drink
  • No Weapons*
  • No Sitting on Dance Platforms
  • No Fighting
  • No Tobacco Use**
  • No Bandanas or Sweatbands***
  • No jerseys sports or other
  • No Baseball Caps


    Dress Code Strictly Enforced *


    Anything deemed as an object for use in harming another, temporarily or permanent!

    i.e.: Pocket Knives, Pepper Spray, Chains on Wallets, Spiked Jewelry... etc.


    **Tobacco is Strictly Prohibited on Supafly Night Party Premise


    ***Any material constructed of bandana material and typically worn in a fashion gang related.

    i.e. Headgear, bracelet, anklet and or hanging out of pocket. Exceptions: Bandanas as shirts or used as belts typically worn by girls.



    Frequently Asked Questions



    When is the next dance party?

    Check out all event listings on our website home page and on facebook. If an event is scheduled it will be listed on our home page and on facebook!




    How much does it cost to get into an event?

    Prices vary by location and event. Please contact us for details.




    What ages can attend?

    Party is open to High School Freshman through age 20!







    Do I need to bring identification?





    What forms of identification are acceptable?

    The following will be accepted at the door as a valid form of ID: State Issued ID (Drivers License) Student ID (must show year) Birth Certificate Yearbook (with picture, grade level, and year)




    Is there a dress code?

    yes.   See rules of conduct above.




    Can I book Supafly Night Party for my event?

    Yes, the entire system including DJ can be booked.


    Is their any other applicable fees that apply for booking my event?

    Yes,  their is a 5% booking fee (5% of the total amount due for your event) for your event due when the deposit is paid at the time of booking.   This fee is only applicable if and when booked through our third party booking client, Gigmasters.    You will recieve a separate invoicie for this fee.



    Can you provide proof of liability insurance if needed?

    Yes, if the venue or event coordinator requires it, yes.







    All of our events are insured under our parent company, Supafly Promotions.  Any questions about event liability insurance please contact Supafly Promotions at 855-787-2359 for more info.